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NABD workflow based framework allows you to provide unparalleled support to your customers through building managed IT Help Desk Software and an IT Ticketing System to track and resolve requests related to technological providers in software, hardware and other IT related services for reaching maximum level of internal users and customers satisfaction. NABD is concerned to establish fast and easy way of building communication network with your customers and internal users, receiving, directing and guiding the customer service requests through NABD IT Help Desk and IT Help Desk Ticketing Software.

Effective Helpdesk Ticketing System

NABD’s well equipped IT Help Desk Ticketing Software enhances your productivity level because of its capability to procure and store customer interactions, requests and replies in an automated way. Due to its automated function customers get assurance that you have accepted the tickets and will be executing them in the required manner. This support system is so efficient that anyone in the hierarchical line can study the entire case. The tickets can be generated virtually from any location.

Accessing IT ticket tracking software

IT Help Desk Software system of NABD is uniquely designed to aid you about its usage. It is sufficient to create an account in order to proceed with your customer oriented issues. All the necessary guidelines are elaborated to make you work successfully. NABD Help Desk intends to deliver you options to create unbreakable communication network virtually and through social media networks (like facebook and twitter). It associates you to multiple communication networks where customers can queue their tasks and can be resolved simultaneously in a prompt manner. The IT Help Desk and IT Help Desk Ticketing System can be deployed on your servers or can be used on the cloud so you can derive maximum output from it.

Sevice desk Communication without barriers

The communicative channel is free flowing because NABD’s IT Help Desk and IT Ticketing Software System are available through mobile applications. The support system gives you unlimited scope to delve into customer services in a smooth way. You can handle the requirements of your clients by incorporating monitoring strategies and tracking processes on customer requests.

Unification of customers interactions

There are advanced business rules and routing engines developed in NABD to divide and conquer your customer requests within moments. Help Desk and ticketing system of NABD guides you to review customers requests and issues in a unified and centralized platform. There is no possibility of any lacunae between communication networks within the hierarchy of your company. The network is so well planned that all the tasks can be centrally located and managed within everyone’s workqueue in your company. Hence, the unification of tasks and conversations release your anxieties and ensure strategic monitoring of every activity.

Get the right technology and tools to satisfy both your customers and staff


Boost Agents productivity with prioritized activity work queue. Drive your agents and expert matters users through the case resolution process. This advanced capability takes burden off your agents shoulders and eliminates the need to explore and process cases from traditional cases inbox.


Use the integrated Business process management engine to define your case life cycle and workflow. Define your routing rules and automate the case routing to ensure that cases are routed to their subject matter experts.


Provide your customers 24x7 self-service center to submit and track their cases, search for answers in your knowledge base, and rate your support. Customers love to help themselves.

What our Happy Clients Say ..

Smartly Listen
Smartly Analyze
Smartly Operate
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  • Email support
  • Knowledge base
  • Up to 3 users

Enterprise$ 60

  • Customized business Process management
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • 24X7 support