The Transformation from Multi-Channel to Agile Customer Service

eBusiness leaders are repeatedly asking these questions when the agile customer service topic is brought up: What is driving the urgency for agile client service? What square measure the attributes of Associate in nursing agile client service organization? How are you able to start in your transition to agile client service? eBusinesses have generally been […]

Proactive live chat

ادوات الشات الاستباقية – Proactive live chat

اسم اللعبة في التسوق و خدمة العملاء في هذه الأيام هو معرفة ما يحتاجه العميل قبل أن يسأل. لذلك فأن أداة الشات الاستباقية (Proactive live chat)هي أداة أساسية لزيادة مبيعاتك اونلاين و كسب رضا عملائك. تشير البحوث إلى أن خمسين في المئة من المتسوقين عبر الإنترنت يقوم بالتخلي عن الشراء إذا لم يتمكنوا من العثور […]

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Work Order Management for efficient jobs handling

Our enhanced work order management features enables business to issue, track and complete work orders for internal and customer calls efficiently. Agents, technicians, and supervisors are all collaborating on the same work order for improved productivity. Technicians can log work order details, time spent on the job, cost from everywhere. Advanced reporting on spare parts […]


سبع أسباب لماذا يجب إمتلاك تطبيق المحمول لعملك الآن

مهما كان حجم عملك، فمن الضروري الإستثمار في تطبيق المحمول الآن. بما أن التكنولوجيا تتكيف مع احتياجات عملائها، فتطبيقات الموبايل هي وسيلة سهلة لخدمتهم خاصة إذا كانت شركتك من صغيرة إلى متوسطة. بينما تستمر أسهم المحمول في السيطرة اليوم، كشركة يجب أن تعلم أن استراتيجية محمول فعالة تتطلب أكثر من مجرد موقع علي الانترنت و […]


GetApp Releases Q1 2016 Rankings of the Top Customer Service Apps- NABD has made it to the top 20 list

GetRank is aimed at small and medium sized business owners looking to make a first assessment of cloud based Customer Success software for their company. The ranking is based on five unique data points including user reviews, integrations, mobile app availability, media presence, and security. User generated reviews and integrations are calculated using data listed […]

Helpdesk management software

Things you need to do to Motivate Your Help Desk Support Team

Your employees are undoubtedly the most significant asset of your company. Taking them for granted will be perilous for your business. Quite conspicuously, your help desk employees are the first people of your company to deal with potential and existing customers. A lot of the reputation and brand image of your business is at stake […]

Customer complaints

Why Customer Complaints are good for your Business?

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”says Bill Gates. You don’t build an empire the size of Microsoft without adhering to such observations and thereby implementing the same in your company policies. One may find himself compelled by experience or by common notion to disregard this statement made by one genius but […]

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7 Ways to Boost Customer Service Satisfaction in E-Commerce

With assets come certain liabilities. It is essential to fulfill all the liabilities, if you value your assets. Customers being an asset, customer satisfaction becomes a liability on all e-commerce businesses. Building enduring relationship with the customers ensures greater success to all businesses. You may be at par with your business rivals, but to have […]