Application for Live Customer Care

Application for Live Customer Care

Application for Live Customer Care

Internet has taken customer support to next level, where service executives can provide live service to consumers. And the service can be provided through multiple channels including phone calling, emails and social media.

Online help desk 

A help desk is created on the web and it is made accessible for customers. Accounts for customers are opened on the software and the platform is connected to social media. Customers access the help desk using their IDs and passwords and post complaints on their accounts. It is easy to maintain accounts than maintaining complaints made on phone calls.

Live multi-channel customer support stands for service through multiple channels. It shows that service provider wants to cater to the needs of its customers. The software would bring customers and service executives to one platform where consumers can get quick and reliable support from executives.

Identifying problem areas 

Online help desk has an advantage that is it highlights problems that keep emerging again and again. Some problems are recurring and they need permanent solution. These problems can be identified from the customer complaints and a knowledge bank be created for customers. Customers can access the knowledge bank to get quick solutions to common problems.

Improving service 

Service providers can see problem areas and notice the problems that their customers report from time to time. They can improve their services by taking clues from customer complaints. Customer complaints show how the services are doing and the improvement needed. Customer complaints reveal the true state of services.

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