4 Most Coolest Customer Service Software to help you Keep Your Customers Happy

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4 Most Coolest Customer Service Software to help you Keep Your Customers Happy

If you are among those companies who have shabby customer software then you should be tremendously afraid and be skeptical about the growth of your business. We see a rise in communication channels, which means customers, can easily communicate the good, the bad, and the ugly to each other vehemently.

Customers, and often the ones with lot of energy and little patience can create havoc on the social media space, if not treated professionally by your business. Therefore, it is imperative for your business to have a good customer software so that, they remain complain-free.

Mentioned below is top 4 customer service software that help in keeping customers happy.

  1. Desk

Desk.com from notable company called Salesforce is perfect for small businesses. This particular customer service software is user-friendly, and helps the companies to create one “global box” that connects with customers from all channels – Facebook, Twitter, chats, emails and phone calls. It makes the functioning of businesses easy since it lets you keep all customer service channels at one place.

The bonus here is its easy setup methods, which means you don’t really need a qualified IT person to handle the software.

  1. SupportBee

SupportBee is exclusive customer service software that is only focused on building comprehensive Gmail on support. This is how it works; when a customer sends a query on your email id, SupportBee will invariably create a new, unanswered ticket immediately. And, not just with tickets, everything else too on the screen gets updated quickly. There is no need to refresh screen page to see new tickets.

SupportBee leaves no stones unturned to make sure it offers the best customer service experience to its users. Gradually but quickly, SupportBee is becoming a hot potato in town.

  1. SmarterTrack

SmarterTrack is customer service software for small businesses. It has become a popular name due to its amazingly cool features that helps businesses to be more productive and efficient in their operations.

SmarterTrack is classic and effective helpdesk customer software that lets you integrate multiple customer service solutions into one single application. This software aids in supporting ticket system, live chats, customer satisfaction surveys and helpdesk reporting and analytics. In addition, it also helps in building a stronger online community, and helps you manage employee and customer communications across multiple channels.

  1. Zendesk

This list is incomplete without mentioning Zendesk. It is a cloud-based customer service solution that helps businesses to improve their relationship with customers. It has got an impeccable customer service system to deal with inbound ticket requests that can come from any channels – emails, phone, live chats, social media.

Zendesk’s clientele list comprises of all sizes of businesses – big and small, which signifies how resourceful the software is.

Parting Thoughts

For most of the businesses, growth is of paramount importance. And, growth has strong correlations with happiness index of customers (new and existing). That’s exactly why your business should consider employing the best service software for customers. Hopefully, this article would have helped you to consider and explore the infinite possibilities that customer service software especially for small businesses bring along.

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