Online Management of Customer Complaints

Online Management of Customer Complaints

Online Management of Customer Complaints

Software can handle customer queries in a hassle free manner. And it would be more convenient to solve customer problems with the help of software. You only need creating accounts for your customers on the online platform.

Customer care application 

What customers want is quick solution to their problems. They expect quick response from executives and if they don’t get response in expected time, they become impatient. They want to track their queries but they have no way to know the action taken on their complaints other than to call customer care executives.

An application can simplify job of customer care executives. It would provide ample space to customers to lodge their complaints and also the customers would be able to follow their problems from their accounts. The application can create accounts for customers and it can create a number of accounts.

How the application would work? 

Complaint management software would create accounts for customers. The service executives would keep an eye over these accounts. Customers would post their complaints on their accounts and the service executives would forward the queries to concerned people. For common problems that keep emerging, there could be a knowledge bank that customers can access.

Prioritize work 

Managers can see flow of complaints and output of the staff working on customer queries. The managers can interfere, if they feel the need. Or they can monitor progress, if everything seems normal. If there is a serious issue, they can interrupt to solve the problem before it aggravates.

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