Online Way of Managing Complaints of Customers

Online Way of Managing Complaints of Customers

Online Way of Managing Complaints of Customers

A company that provides a service should stay prepared to face queries from customers. The queries could be regarding service or malfunctioning of the service. If the company doesn’t have a strong customer relation system, it can’t function properly and soon it would lose business to its competitors.

Customers’ شكاوى(complaints) can be handled in a hassle free manner with the help of software. What the software would do is it would provide a platform where customers could interact with executives. The software would bring customers and executives closer by reducing the communication gap.


It could be a minor problem or a major issue but an executive can determine gravity of the problem only after going through its details. Customers can describe their issues in detail on the platform and let the executives take action on their complaints. The executives would prepare suitable replies for the issues and post replies on the complaints. It is a two-way communication that brings transparency in customer relations.

Minor Queries

An FAQ section could be made for minor issues. Executives can segregate minor issues from the queries raised by customers and make a section for frequently asked questions for the customers. Whenever a customer has a minor problem, he can visit the FAQ section to find satisfactory answer to his problem. For major issues, executives can take appropriate action.

The software can bring speed and transparency to the customer service. It would help executives take quick decision on problems and the customers would remain happy as they would get quick access to helpdesk.

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