Provide satisfactory customer service with help of software


Provide satisfactory customer service with help of software


Advent of customer service software has changed the way businesses used to provide client service. Traditional way of providing help is to connect customers to a call center where service executives register complaints and forward the complaints to concerned department.

How the software works?

It makes a platform accessible for all the stakeholders and customers get their unique accounts to access help. When a customer has an issue, he can raise the issue using his account. The customer would post his problem on his account. One of the executives would notice the problem and forward the post to the concerned department. Also the executive would post suitable reply for the customer.

Advantage of using software is it brings speed to the process. Customers get quick response from the executives and also they can follow up their complaints in a hassle free manner. Software brings everyone involved in client servicing to a platform.

Customers post their complaints, service executives note the complaints and forward the same to the concerned departments and the managers can keep a tab over the service executives. Another advantage of the software is helps track complaints.

Managers responsible for providing الدعم الفني  (technical support) can filter common problems from others. Common problems can be grouped in FAQs and the customers that have common problems can be directed to the FAQ section. For major issues, managers can take precautionary measures to prevent the issues from coming up.

Soon the customer service software would take over the traditional call centre way of providing support.

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