Web Based Customer Service Platform

Software for Providing Customer Care Service

Web Based Customer Service Platform

The best thing you can do improve your customer service is to create an online platform for customer care. Instead of making your customers to call your service center that you’ve outsourced to a call center company, you can make your own in-house customer care platform and provide quick service.

Customer care platform

It would work just like the call center works but the difference between a call center and an online platform is that former is handled by executives and latter is handled by customers. The customers would post their requests on the platform just like they make posts in social media.


When a customer has an issue or he wants to bring a matter under your notice, he would access the help desk complaint management software and post his requests. The software or the online platform would highlight the post as unread and in this way bring the post under the notice of your service team.

One of the team members would take note of the customer’s post and understand what the customer wants to say. The team member would provide solution to the customer in his reply to the post. If the customer isn’t satisfied with the solution, he would make another post that the team member would reply.

You can see that the help desk complaint management software would provide a platform for communication or hassle free communication. Another advantage of the platform is that it would never let a single request or complaint remain unnoticed.


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