Why Customer Complaints are good for your Business?

Customer complaints

Why Customer Complaints are good for your Business?

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”says Bill Gates. You don’t build an empire the size of Microsoft without adhering to such observations and thereby implementing the same in your company policies. One may find himself compelled by experience or by common notion to disregard this statement made by one genius but what about Steve Jobs?

Here are two tech giants uttering the same thing and it is not just them, Damon Richards, Marilyn Suttle the list goes on and on. The point being made is that customer service pays. When a company tries “not to make a sale but to make a customer” it adds to their reliability. A number of things are addressed when you interact with a customer. It shuns away the mental dilemma that exists for the customer which might seem like a timid thing but complaint management is what makes all the difference. It is to be noted that companies spend millions of dollars on helpdesk complaint management software for this very purpose. Out of the several ways that customer service proves miraculous for the business, here are a few

A well designed and well-thought out customer service policy can differentiate an organization from competitors. Service culture is what defines a business; it is what sets it apart in this ultra competitive market.

Satisfaction of both primary and secondary (in terms of service) needs of the customer is paramount, where the primary needs are defined by the utility that a customer draws from the product and the secondary needs are defined by the quality of complaint redressal that he or she experiences. It is in this context that an excellent and effective complaint management system for the customer is put into practice.

It provides an opportunity to understand the possibilities of future business prospects for both internal as well as external customers. The customer market is more effectively targeted when adequate attention is paid to the customer and his behavior is monitored to optimize the business operations and the way that a company reaches out to its customers. The inseparability of services whereby the customer service is closely related to the way a customer views and judges the company’s products is given more focus thereby accomplishing the above said motive.

The three P’s widely popular for service marketing i.e. People, physical evidence, and process are greatly looked at with complaint management system for customers that help the company to manage complaints in bulk.

Lastly, the service industry itself and companies that specifically deal in customer service and complaint management can be a great asset to any business firm owing to their experiences with product specific complaint handling and their very indulgence in this area of expertise.

The process by which the company and service providers interact to deliver customer service excellence makes the entire difference. Products delivered to the customers if delivered in appropriate settings via attentive employees bring that edge to a business operation that all the firms crave for. The greatest technology thus is the “human touch”, the purpose of the business therefore seems “to create customers who create customers”.


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