Your Website Visitors and Customers Want to See You Online


Your Website Visitors and Customers Want to See You Online

If you’re available to help your customers then you have more chances of making sales. Help, this four letter words brings smile on faces. When you have visitors on your website and they see HELP on the bottom of the site, they would certainly stop on the site to see what the site is offering.

If your website visitors have any problem or query, they can use the HELP tab to connect to you. It is an opportunity to make sales and you would certainly want to take advantage of this opportunity. If you’re available, you can solve their queries and if you’re unavailable, the visitors can leave the message that you can and respond when you’re free.

Lead generation

The HELP box would generate leads. When a visitor uses the help box, he shows that he is interested in your offer. With live customer service, you can make a difference to your sales approach.  Another advantage of starting live help on your website is that you would come to know how many of your website visitors are interested in your business.

The HELP box would connect your website visitors to you in a hassle free manner and the visitors would ask questions whose answer they are unable to find on your website. In this way, you would come to know what your website is lacking in.

By starting live help, you would show that you care for your customers. You value their time and money and for this reason you’re always available for help.

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