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Help Desk Complaint Management Software

NABD Help Desk Complaint Management System accelerates your procedure to solve customer grievances, attaining constant feedback and minimizing your workload by associating you to an uninterrupted communication network.

Consistency in tracking Customer complaints and feedback

NABD’s Help Desk Complaint Management System is developed to maintain effective communication network with your customers by sending immediate automated responses to them and directs you to track customers’ grievances orderly. It accentuates your abilities to understand the customers’ queries analytically remaining sympathetic towards their needs. ThroughNABD Complaint Management , anyone from your hierarchy can minister your cases guiding you towards a more holistic and coordinated way of case resolutions. The Complaint Management System procures you to gather constant feedback from customers without any noise in the communication channel. NABD has designed their Complaint Management Software for maximizing your abilities in case resolution processes and giving instant support to your customers. It involves you in delineating cases smartly by listening attentively to customers through several online support options without any disruptions.

Managing your workload systematically

You can manage your activities in the cloud efficiently by queuing up the essential tasks to be dealt. This makes it easier for you to follow a systematic observation on each case through NABD Complaint Management Software .In this way you can never get pressurized in solving the customer complaints and work smartly towards their requests. NABD Complaint Management System allows you to critically evaluate cases making you perform in best way. Also due to the involvement of your employees within the cloud, you work as a team on resolving the cases quickly. As soon as you create an account, your customers can contact you instantly.

Aimed at Customer Satisfaction

Via NABD Help Desk Complaint Management high level of customer satisfaction is guaranteed to you as the communication network and Complaint Management Software are modeled to derive constant feedback and regularity checks in solving customer grievances. There is no ambiguity in communicating with your customers due to NABD’s advanced Complaint Management System. Your customers can submit new cases choosing a preferred way of communication network and you can track previous cases across various channels. The customers can locate their updates moving between devices and channels without any interventions.

Get the right technology and tools to satisfy both your customers and staff


Boost Agents productivity with prioritized activity work queue. Drive your agents and expert matters users through the case resolution process. This advanced capability takes burden off your agents shoulders and eliminates the need to explore and process cases from traditional cases inbox.


Use the integrated Business process management engine to define your case life cycle and workflow. Define your routing rules and automate the case routing to ensure that cases are routed to their subject matter experts.


Provide your customers 24x7 self-service center to submit and track their cases, search for answers in your knowledge base, and rate your support. Customers love to help themselves.

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  • Email support
  • Knowledge base
  • Up to 3 users

Enterprise$ 60

  • Customized business Process management
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • 24X7 support