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NABD system enables companies around the world to provide efficient support through advanced
workflow capabilities, powerful case management and its simple user interface .

CRM (customer relationship management) software is a category of software that covers broad set of applications and design software to help business manage customer data and customer interaction and business information. Today’s time CRM software is highly scalable and customizable, allowing business to gain actionable customers.

NABD provide CRM software which is used to find leads, follow up with prospectus and nature them through the sales pipeline. When a business use CRM software correctly it can accurate track & organize all current customers and every potential customer that they are in contact with. It is more than just a way of storing customer contact detail and purchase information. CRM software tool allow company to better anticipate customer need while enhancing services. It automates the process of tracking every interaction between a customer and company representative.

Advanced CRM software suites provide a more comprehensive view of customer’s relationship with the company.

Advantages of CRM software

  • Customer details are stored in an easy to access place
  • Task tracking
  • More selling opportunities
  • Improve social media marketing
  • Determine Individual needs
  • Integration with existing platforms
  • Support system
  • CRM give a professional image to your business

We have discussed how CRM can improve customer relationships & how increased customer satisfaction can benefit your business. But a successful CRM strategy can directly benefit your company.

With CRM software, you can

  • Increase revenue and referrals from existing customers thanks to increased customer satisfaction and referral management
  • Close more deals by increasing sales productivity and arming your sales team with the best practice processes and tools.
  • Improve your products or services by systemically capturing customer feedback and by measuring satisfaction
  • Reduce systems support costs by moving to more modern cloud-based systems that reduce the need for IT support
  • Measure and optimize your performance with real-time analytic and dashboards powered by your CRM systems

CRMs are great software for auditing & tracking information. With CRM software an organization can work more effectively. It is also becoming increasingly important among business. The beauty of CRM software is that it can accomplish the task automatically, using just one solution. As a whole CRM software gives you all the tools which is necessary to grow your business.

NABD Company provides CRM software which helps sales force automation and maintains the customer information and receives customer complaints/requirement etc. We specialized in the development of the CRM software solution and have proven record of successfully developing CRM project. Only CRM software is considered as a comprehensive online source of business development that enables business in maintaining record that contains transaction of customer.

Get the right technology and tools to satisfy both your customers and staff


Boost Agents productivity with prioritized activity work queue. Drive your agents and expert matters users through the case resolution process. This advanced capability takes burden off your agents shoulders and eliminates the need to explore and process cases from traditional cases inbox.


Use the integrated Business process management engine to define your case life cycle and workflow. Define your routing rules and automate the case routing to ensure that cases are routed to their subject matter experts.


Provide your customers 24x7 self-service center to submit and track their cases, search for answers in your knowledge base, and rate your support. Customers love to help themselves.

What our Happy Clients Say ..

Smartly Listen
Smartly Analyze
Smartly Operate
Smartly Measure


  • Email support
  • Knowledge base
  • Up to 3 users

Enterprise$ 60

  • Customized business Process management
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • 24X7 support