NABD Overview

NABD is a workflow based customer service management solution that manages a customer's cross-channel exposure with a company, product, brand or service by providing end-to-end view of customer cases, issues, concerns and queries NABD was built according to ISO 10002:2004 specifications by creating a customer-focused environment with an open, effective and easy-to-use cases/case management process and enhancing the organization's ability to improve its product, customer service, and customers satisfaction Check for suitable Plan.

Customer Services Support Features

  • Start on one click
    Setup your own advanced Customer Service system on the cloud in few minutes with easy setup and integration tools.
  • Automation
    Streamline and automate customer cases & inquiries handling process by utilizing individual workflows for differing Organizations.
  • Integration
    NABD can be easily integrated with third party applications, devices and databases including: Active Directory, CRM, 2 Factor authenticators and biometrics,Call Center and Telephony .
  • Customize Your Workflow
    you can customize your workflow with our Advanced Customer Service Workflow Designer.
  • Your Customer Portal
    Self-service portal for Customer and external entities to manage and track cases online.
  • Knowledge Base
    Enhance service support and reduce effort by arming your customer service agents and your customers with access to a knowledge base, a searchable online repository that provide resolutions to many customer cases with just few clicks.
  • Complaint Management Standards
    Comply with industry complaint management standards and legislation.

Key Features

Manage your tasks & Activities

Work from a prioritized action queue to ensure efficient complaint investigation with notifications, escalations and to-do lists.


Stay connected and go mobile with NABD. Alerts, New inquiries / tickets / complaints, work on your Tasks, or check your dashboard anywhere, anytime. everything comes to you, the team collaboration is easy now.

Unified Channels Integration

Capture and resolution of complaints can be extended beyond the Customer Service department to all channels: Call Center, IVR, Internet, email, face-to-face, SMS, mobile.

Integrate to your Social Media

Integrate with your social media pages, collect posts and provide responses to identified issues and concerns.

Collaborative Communication

Get all your front agents and back office users engaged and controlled via NABD collaborative communication process.

Sentiment Analytics

Automate the process of filtering out the noise from your social network, understanding the conversations, identifying the relevant content and actioning it appropriately.

Templated Correspondences

Automate and standardize way you communicate with customers and users via predefined correspondence templates for different channels

Extended Business Process Management

Business Management Process is extended to include both your front office agents and back office users to guide agents through the service resolution process, without losing focus on the end-to-end process, involving back-office tasks.

Next Best Action

Automatically recommend next best action for agents during the service resolution process offer optimized service to customers.

Audit Log

Advanced Audit log to track all changes made to the system.

Load Balancing

Manage workload across the team and measure performance against resolution targets.

Multi-lingual Interface

Each user can use his local language interface. Utilize multi-lingual correspondence templates to meet local language requirements. *currently supported versions English, Arabic.

Root Cause Analysis

Basic tool for root cause analysis that highlight business critical issues.

Monitoring levels

Different Dashboarding levels to monitor performance in real-time.


Security layer to ensure the user authenticity, classification and encryption of confidential data with fine grained authorization module and audit log.

Time tracking

Keep track of time spent by each agent and back end users on each case. Generate time sheets and billing reports. Time log can be entered manually or by starting and stopping the timer.

Agent collision detection

Alerting agents when other users are currently viewing or possibly replying to the same case.

Execute Macros

Customize and record set of actions/scenarios that can be applied on cases for repetitive tasks.

Advanced Analytics

Build dynamic visual representation for the data to analyze performance, measure operational metrics, and get better understanding of your customer experience.


Apply dynamic actions if it’s conditions are achieved by marked checklist items as done.

Conditional forms customization

Display multiple forms for submit case screens based on dynamic conditions.

Mail server

You can create your mail box on our mail server.

Call center

This channel enable you to make a voice calls with other users via a specific connector.