Completing the preventive activity

NABD allows you to document how to prevent the customer's issue in the future. As an agent, you should take any steps necessary to prevent this issue or case from occurring again.

As part of completing the preventive activity in NABD, you can change the task category, case priority, status of the case, and target completion date. You can also attach any supporting documents and route the case to another user, user group, role, etc. Remember to include notes about any actions you have taken and when you are finished, mark your preventive action as completed so the case can move to the next phase of resolution.

To complete the preventive activity in NABD:

  1. Open your User Dashboard and select the preventive activity assigned to you.

  2. Open the case by clicking check mark in the Options column.

  3. In the Activity operation completed Preventive field, click the check box to indicate you have completed the activity.

    Today's date defaults in the Completion date box. Update the date if necessary.

  4. Type any notes relating to this preventive activity in the Notes field. Be sure to include as much detail as possible.

  5. If you're done, click Save and close.