Completing the root cause analysis activity

NABD allows you to document the root cause of the customer's issue what, how, and why something happened. This allows you to provide quicker resolution to the client's issue and also keep your SLA statistics up. Once you identify the root cause, you can make recommendations to prevent this issue in the future.

To complete the root cause analysis activity in NABD:

  1. Open your User Dashboard and select the root cause analysis assigned to you.

  2. Open the case by clicking check mark in the Options column.

  3. In the Activity box, do the following:

    Check the Activity operation completed Root Causes Analysis box.

    In the Completion date box, select the date you completed the task by using the calendar. Note you cannot select a date in the future. You can either select today's date or a previous date.

    Type any notes in the Notes box.

  4. In the Root cause analysis box, select any that apply main category and subcategory, product/service and group, and root cause.

  5. If you're done, click Save and close.

    Send the customer an email letting them know the status of the case. Update them on the root cause analysis actions you have taken.