Creating categories and subcategories

NABD allows you to create specific categories and subcategories to help organize cases when setting up your case routing and SLA rules.  

The categories you define can be anything that you need product lines, clients, etc. Create whatever helps you organize the incoming questions, issues, and comments from your customers.

Within each category, you can create as many subcategories as you need. Setting up subcategories is really helpful if your categories are made up of a large number of products/services. Subcategories will allow your case routing to be as fine-tuned as possible.

To create case categories:

  1. From your left main menu, select Admin.

  2. From the Admin Panel, select Category/Subcategory.

  3. On the Category/Subcategory page, click Add.

  4. Type the category name and if appropriate, provide a brief description. Adding a description is a good idea if you are using multiple categories especially if the categories have similar names.

  5. If you need a subcategory, type the subcategory information and click Add. Remember you can create as many subcategories as you need.

  6. When you're done adding the category and any subcategories, click Save.

    Your new category/subcategory is now available for your routing purposes.