Setting up customers

As an agent in NABD, you can set up both personal customers (an individual) and corporate customers (companies/businesses) by creating new customer accounts. A personal customer is a single user while a corporate customer can have multiple users. Corporate customers must also designate an administrative user who sets up NABD and manages the other users.

A customer's account contains required data such as their name and email address. It can also contain additional information, such as Twitter and Facebook, address, phone numbers, etc. Once you register a new customer on NABD, their user name and password will be sent to them via email.

To set up customers:

  1. From your left main menu, select Customer Service.

  2. From your left menu, select either Register Personal Customer or Manage Corporate Customer depending on the type of customer you are setting up.


To enter a personal user:

  1. Select Register Personal Customer. Type a user name and password. Then confirm the password.

  2. Type the customer's name, birthdate and ID number. Select the ID type from the drop down (passport or national ID).

    Enter their Reference number and Account number.

  3. Select the customer's gender and then enter their contact information
    and any other address information as necessary, as well as their job.

    Enter their email address and phone numbers. If necessary, you can also enter a fax number, job name, and organization.

  4. Select the customer's Country and type their Organization.

    Choose their City and State from the drop down list, as well as the Area.

    Select the customer's preferred contact method from the drop down list. You can select email, home number, mobile number, or fax here. This is the method the customer wants you to use each time you contact them.

    Select their case submission method from the drop down. You can select fax, web, or phone.

    Also select the customer's category from the drop down. You can select citizen, tourist, investor, government agency, business entity, or diplomat.

    If necessary, check Hide my contact details (this hides the customer's contact information from all users working on the case).

  5. If you're done, click Save.

    The customer is now added. NABD will send a welcome email with their user name and password.

To enter a corporate user:

  1. On Manage Corporate Customers page. click Add.

  2. On Register Corporate Customer page. Type the customer name and corporate domain name. The user must enter the corporate domain name when logging in to the customer portal (e.g., admin.Krako).

    Also include the street address ,email and home number.

  3. Enter the email address and main phone number . You can also include a mobile phone number and a fax number.

  4. Select the customr country and type his Customer Reference Number in CRN field.
    You can select a State, City and Area from the drop down list.
    You can also include a TaxID and a Zip Code.

  5. Select the customr segmentation and select the working days
    You can also include the working hours.

  6. If you're done, click Save.

    The customer is now added. NABD will send a welcome email with their user name and password.