NABD Customer Support Software

Help Desk Customer Support Software

NABD’s Help Desk Customer Support Software is highly appropriate in delivering support to your customers through integrated communication network and strategically planned support system that makes you achieve effective management of cases. NABD’s methodological dashboard is oriented towards accelerating your response time through our Help Desk Customer Support Software. You can quickly implement our solution for solving and addressing customer related support queries. Our Customer Support Software ensures that everyone in your organizational hierarchy can analyze and contribute in the conversations with your customers via NABD centrally managed platform.

Assurance of best way of direction

NABD’s Help Desk Customer Support Software purports you to provide best possible way of guidance to your customers through the usage of a variety of templates, establishing live chats with your customers, also enabling you to perform support tasks through social networking sites. NABD Customer Support Software is different. You can select the needful way of giving support to your customers from the extensive support options. You can deploy an integrated communication channels through our various online support options immediately.

Selecting support options according to preferences

NABD’s Help Desk Support Software system offers your customers to choose any desired way of inquiring about products, submission of cases and to review previous case histories shifting effortlessly between networks. The customers can inquire through Knowledge Base, submit and track case requests, social media channels, via e-mails or live chat support system with agents.

Managing cases strategically

You can arrange your priorities chronologically as per your customers’ needs through NABD Customer Support Software. You can deal with the case resolution processes systematically keeping in mind the necessities of your clients. This benefits you in maintaining and managing the cases in a streamline, which can be accessed by your subordinates and supervisors of your organization. NABD Customer Support Software is devised to unburden your workload by substantiating easily comprehensible guidelines on using the software. Our customer software focuses in building a continuous conversational network issuing automated acknowledgements to customers assuring them your attention. NABD Help Desk Customer Support Software assists you to connect with customers’ psychology and processing quick deliverance of responses and feedbacks

Get the right technology and tools to satisfy both your customers and staff


Boost Agents productivity with prioritized activity work queue. Drive your agents and expert matters users through the case resolution process. This advanced capability takes burden off your agents shoulders and eliminates the need to explore and process cases from traditional cases inbox.


Use the integrated Business process management engine to define your case life cycle and workflow. Define your routing rules and automate the case routing to ensure that cases are routed to their subject matter experts.


Provide your customers 24x7 self-service center to submit and track their cases, search for answers in your knowledge base, and rate your support. Customers love to help themselves.

What our Happy Clients Say ..

Smartly Listen
Smartly Analyze
Smartly Operate
Smartly Measure


  • Email support
  • Knowledge base
  • Up to 3 users

Enterprise$ 60

  • Customized business Process management
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • 24X7 support