NABD Education

Colleges, universities, schools and other types of educational institutions use NABD to manage their internal processes and enhance staff and students satisfaction as it gives them great flexibility and control combined with proven ease of use.

Educational organizations like yours use NABD as internal help desk, streamline staff and students service, or in business process management; they use it to save time and efforts, reduce costs, measure and enhance staff and students satisfaction, monitor staff performance, improve quality of service and identify operational problems throughout NABD business process management.

Education & Learning Solutions

Colleges, universities, schools and other educational institutions use NABD to:

Now you can easily join our educational customers in their success journey by customizing, deploying NABD quickly, and creating workflows that streamline your internal processes.

NABD Key Features

Listen to your customers EVERYWHERE and ALL time

Capture service requests through from all our customers preferred channels including call centers, email, website, chat, mobile devices or social media. Nowadays, your customers are always “ON” and expect that you always be there whenever they need to connect with you.

Automate and Streamline Case handling

Using workflow designer and workflow engine, administrators can create automatic rules to easily prioritize, assign and route cases and tasks to appropriate job roles, user groups or specific user.

Using a Universal Dashboard ensure that every case is managed and controlled. Users are able to complete their tasks, reassign, track, and escalate cases at any stage of the case lifecycle.

Measure Satisfaction and Feedback

Automatically collect your customers feedback, measure their satisfaction and turn their ideas, into a valuable input to your service and product improvement process. NABD allows you to configure survey and feedback form and send them to your customers.

SLA Management and Compliance

Regulators and auditors make use of the powerful analytics and reporting tools to check compliance and SLAs achievements

Track case status, response time against predefined targets to help you assess your current business process and make informed decisions for improvements.

Manage Communication and Interactions

NABD allows you to record all the customer interactions from different channels, promptly respond to service requests automatically and manually. NABD also provides a framework for internal communications inside your organization between all relevant parties involved in the processing the service requests