• ONE-STOP customer service platform
    The first global customer centric support
    network that brings service providers
    under one roof

1StopDesk customer service platform

The first global customer centric support network that brings service providers under one roof


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Customer Benefits

1STOPDESK enables customers to obtain self-service and attended service from all network companies via a single mobile APP and a single web portal.

Tired from trying to find a way to reach out to support centers for different businesses?

Each business you are dealing with provides different ways to contact him for customer service. Phone numbers, emails, online forms, or social media links to name some.

We brought you all companies under one roof!

With 1STOPDESK you can just type few letters from the business name, select it, and here you go; you are now connected to all your service providers from one place.

Frustrated from paying a lot of money and spending long time waiting on hold to be served?

You do not have to wait in long queues and paying a lot of money to get the customer service you deserve.

With 1STOPDESK, you can instantly submit your service request, be notified of the response or chat with a live agent at your convenience from your mobile device or any internet connected device. So sit back and relax!

Do you believe like many others that most call center agents are not knowledgeable enough or do not have the right skills to help you?

Don?t worry, you are not alone. Most calls end up being escalated to highler levels.

With 1STOPDESK, you can rely on yourself first and try to find a solution for your problem in the knowledge base though the powerful free text search engine or from previously reported cases.

Do you prefer to chat with a live agent to help you with your inquiry or service request?

You cannot find the answer or solution for your problem and need someone to help you?

With 1STOPDESK, you can simply choose your business and you can connect to live agents to respond to your request

Do you want to have your service request submitted to multiple companies? Are you looking for best offer for a Limo ride or spare part for your car?

Have you ever picked up the phone and spent hours calling limo companies trying to figure out who can drive you to the airport for less money or calling spare parts stores to find a part number without being told “Sorry out of Stock”?

With 1STOPDESK, you can choose any domain or industry, submit your request, sit back and relax. You will be notified on your mobile when responses start to flow in!

Do you want to compare the quality of service provided by companies in certain industry? Do you want to know who the best in after-sales support is before you buy your new refrigerator? Do you want to see what people are complaining about before you order your bike?

Buyers today struggle on the web to find information on companies or brands to judge their reliability and support level.

Of course you do not want to end up with driving a Rolls Royce that ends up in your garage because the authorized repair centers do not maintain spare parts stock in their inventory, or because your ISP do not send technicians to fix your internet connectivity before 6 days.

With 1STOPDESK, you can make informed decision based on service level provided and other people experience.

Is your support center in another country? Are you traveling and need to request a quotation for limo pickup?

With 1STOPDESK, just switch countries and the whole world is in your hand.

Want to complaint to your government about your pension? Do you want to report a corrupted employee in your local state? Are you traveling and want to complaint about a bad situation you went through?

No more routine procedure to file a complaint to government or request a government service!

With 1STOPDESK, you can get connected with the government from the couch in your living room or while travelling at the airport.


Business Benefits

Companies can provide unprecedented service level, gain competitive advantage, increase their market share, and reduce customer service cost.

UNIFIED customer experience ON-THE-GO and ALL time

Integrate your support request to 1STOPdesk system and have all your incoming requests converted to actionable cases

Multi-brand handling

A multi-brand support network desk that gives you the freedom to have personalized support centers for each of the brands you use from one centralized portal.

Offer all your brand customer services through one location.

ACTIVE interactions

Now talk to your customers’ right from your support system. Best part! In this 1STOPdesk Chat integration; cases are created for every chat conversation on your website, along with the transcripts; seamlessly.

EXTEND your marketing arms

Notify users on their mobile devices about your new exciting and personalized offer.


PORTAL enhancement

When customers are seeking your help through the support forms embedded on your website pages, it is time you have this information in your support ticket software as tickets under predefined categories.

REDUCE inquiries cost

Create a customized knowledge base and customer portal replete with your brand names, logos and font so that your consumers are able to connect with you and gather solutions for their issues without any hassles.

Privileged services

Favorite customers? If so, respond to their requests as priority, notify when assigned and enable them to monitor their request progress regularly. In fact, all it takes is a mobile phone, iOS or Android.


Key Features


Offering exceptional privacy setting across the board, multiple settings can easily become a nightmare. 1STOPdesk lets you support multiple brands with a unique term for each product that you support.


All communication with servers (public access) over encrypted secure shell and password authentication via public/private key authentication. The only services that are allowed are SSH (all servers; non-standard port) and HTTP/HTTPS (web servers only).

Free text search (leman word)

Whether they want to find answers on their own, or need you to be proactively engaged with keywords, 1STOPDESK makes enables easy and efficient search.

Knowledge base (support Wikis)

Help customers help themselves – since People like to solve their own issues. Give your business a mobile-optimized and customized self-service FAQ’s that matches your customer needs


Centralized (API connectors to popular systems) Cloud that can accommodate all your business apps

Multi-lingual (available in multiple languages)

Sometimes you need to support an Arabic prince. Some other times, you need to help a French model. With 1STOPdesk, you can scale your support across languages and time zones right from the start. After all, you should know when it is noon in Paris to say bonsoir!

Intuitive User Interface

1STOPDESK comes with very easy to use interface that customers love

Mobile App (iOS, Android)

Offer your customers service from any desktop, tablet, and mobile device and provide awesome support, wherever you are.

Localization (connects with local business)

Looking to the future, the 1STOPdesk team plan to have live across some other countries as well. Their aim is to help you be able to support your network of franchisees and customers wherever they are across the globe.

Chat (enables live agent connections)

Whether they reach out to you with questions, want to find answers on their own, or need to be proactively engaged, 1STOPdes makes communicating with customers easy and efficient

Feedback and review (allows public/private viewing)

With 1STOPdesk, you can let your customers post tips and even answer other customer’s questions.