NABD Facilities Management

NABD delivers exceptional facility management control that enables your organization to centrally control the processes essential for a smooth operation of your business environment.

NABD automates the processes of managing your facility and streamline the resolution process and progress tracking of all incidents and issues you may face in your daily operations.

NABD workflow and routing engine make it simpler for you to control your environment and assign each incident to the right parties on timely manner.

NABD allows you to record your assets and manage issues reported against them.

NABD keeps your facility operation on track when it comes to handling incidents, problems, and maintenance throughout the facility. Your support staff are notified about all issues once reported and are guided through the process of fixing them. Managers can track issues in real time via intuitive and consolidated dashboard. They can use NABD analytics to analyze repeated incidents, analyze root cause of issues, and make informed decisions to improve the facility operations.

Get the right technology and tools to satisfy both your customers and staff


Boost Agents productivity with prioritized activity work queue. Drive your agents and expert matters users through the case resolution process. This advanced capability takes burden off your agents shoulders and eliminates the need to explore and process cases from traditional cases inbox.


Use the integrated Business process management engine to define your case life cycle and workflow. Define your routing rules and automate the case routing to ensure that cases are routed to their subject matter experts.


Provide your customers 24x7 self-service center to submit and track their cases, search for answers in your knowledge base, and rate your support. Customers love to help themselves.

What our Happy Clients Say ..

Smartly Listen
Smartly Analyze
Smartly Operate
Smartly Measure


  • Email support
  • Knowledge base
  • Up to 3 users

Enterprise$ 60

  • Customized business Process management
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • 24X7 support