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Smartly Listen to your customers
anywhere and anytime

Corporate and Personal Customers Registration

Both your corporate and individual customer accounts can be self created by your customers or by your agents. Once accounts are registered, customers can start using your portal or reach you via all your available communication channels. Corporate Admins can manage users access and authorization based on their privileges.

Customer Submits Cases

Customer can submit case by accessing the online portal, by calling your call center, by sending an email, by accessing his mobile app, live chat, or by social media channels

Customer receives acknowledgment notification

Once the case is captured in the system, the workflow engine can send an automated acknoweledgment notification to the customer based on predefined templates

Customer self service portal

Customer can use the self service portal to submit and track cases and to respond and collaborate with your users. Customers have access to searchable knowedge base for quick access to resolution for known issues, FAQ, how-to-guides and troubleshooting information

Customer Feedback

NABD can be configured to collect customers feedback, analyze them and act upon them to improve customer service and increase customer loyality and retention rate

Boost Agents productivity
Guide them through the service resolution process

Agents work from prioritized work queue

Once the cases are captured, the workflow engine and routing rules automatically assign the next activity in the case life cycle to the right agent or team. Agents are presented with an activity work queue with cases priority and SLA status highlighted. Agents can complete the case activity or manually reassign it

Custom Case Views

Agents can create custom views to filter cases based on different criteria such as case status, priority, SLA status, product/service, categroy, target dates and assigned party.

Consolidated Case View

Agents, subject matter experts and managers can access a consolidated view of all case life cycle activities, tasks, interactions and notes in addditon to the case details, time spent on a case and SLA status

Servicing Customers

Agents servicing corporate or personal customers through attended channels can easily locate the customer profile, submit and track cases on their behalf, view cases history, or perform customer profile maintenance activities

Knowledgebase Management

A searchable knowledgebase can be built to provide quick input to agents and customer requests and inquiries. Agents can seamlessly link cases and knowledgebase articles at any stage of the case life cycle Knowledge base categories include troubleshooting information, how-to-article, resolutions to known issues, FAQ, product information and more

Collaboration and productivity tools

NABD provides agents and back office users with one integrated collaborative platform to effectively collaborate and track communication on cases through live chat, assigning tasks, case notes, or by sending correspondences and documents. NABD agents can also access reminders, follow up, to-do-list, alerts from their dashboard.

Smartly Analyze and Measure
Advanced Reporting and Analytics


Managers have highly secured access to different dashboarding levels to manage workload across the team, measure performance against resolution target, SLAs, support center KPIs and ROA(Return on Action

Extend Case Management to Back Office Users
Integrated and Controlled Collaborative Environment

Engage your subject matter experts

Engage all subject matter experts from the entire organization giving every employee the ability to access cases and interacting with customers and other users using NABD collaboration framework

Engage your subject matter experts

NABD Configuration and Rebranding
Customize your service center

Configure and Customize Your Support Center

Administrators can rebrand the support center, define the organization structure, multiple products and services, case categories, case classifications, and other configuration data. A checklist is provided to ensure that all configuration steps are configured properly. Industry specific scripts can be used to make the setup process smooth and fast

Configure and Customize Your Support Center

Customize case process management and routing rules

Using the workflow designer, support center admin can streamline the case handling process by creating standard or customized workflows that meet each individual business process. Support Center Admin can configure dynamic routing rules that are handled by the backend routing engine to route cases to relevant agents, roles, groups or departments. This ensure that the cases are routed to specialized agents that most require their subject matter expertise for better resources utilization and faster resolution time.

Configure Support Channels

Admin can configure NABD to dispatch support requests from multiple email boxes, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Once the requests are captured, NABD sentiment analysis engine can be used to classify the requests. Support center Admin can approve requests as cases or purge irrelevant feeds

Customize Correspondence Templates

Support center admin can create custom correspondence templates to standardize the way you communicate with customers, internal users and external entities including MS word, email, FB, and Twitter templates. Correspondence Templates can be used by the workflow engine or by NABD users.

Define SLA Rules

Support center admin can create SLA rules depending on the case assigned department, priority, product or service, severity, or case classification. SLA rules will be automatically applied to cases. The admin can set a warning threshold to flag cases approaching their SLA target dates so they can be processed before they reach their SLA violation date.

NABD Security Layer

Support center admin manages user accounts, authentication control, authorization and permissions based on individual accounts, teams, roles, or departments. Data scope levels can be defined for different types of users. A detailed audit log can be accessed by the admin to view all transactions performed in NABD.

Engage External Entities
Engage Auditors, Suppliers, Watchdog Entities

Streamline Audit and External Entity Involvement

Auditors, Suppliers, Watchdog and compliance entities involved in the case life cycle can be defined in the organization structure as external entities. They are provided controlled access to the case process and reporting according to their roles and privileges

Streamline Audit and External Entity Involvement