Completing the close activity

When an issue is resolved, you can close the case. Closing the case means you have solved the customer's issue and the customer is happy with the resolution. Once a customer's case is resolved, you should mark the case as closed in NABD as quickly as possible.

Closed cases are saved indefinitely. You can view closed cases by searching for them or by creating queries of closed cases. See Using your activity work queue.

To close the case:

  1. Open your User Dashboard and select the close activity assigned to you.

  2. Open the case by clicking check mark in the Options column.

  3. In the Activity operation completed Close field, click the check box to indicate you have completed the activity.

    Today's date defaults in the Completion date box. Update the date if necessary.

  4. Type any notes relating to this close activity in the Notes field. Be sure to include as much detail as possible.

  5. If you're done, click Save and close. Then click OK when prompted.

    The case is now closed.