Using your Activity work queue

The Activity work queue on the User Dashboard is where you can find all activities and tasks assigned to you. Cases with a high priority are highlighted in pink rows; all others are highlighted in blue rows.  

From here, you can work on your case activities (assessment, investigation, corrective action, preventive, root cause analysis, compensation, and feedback). If you need help with a case, you can also easily collaborate with another user by reassigning an activity.

Use NABD's search feature to locate a specific case. The search feature is very flexible allowing you to search using keywords or case ID number. For example, if you type "assessment" in the Search field, all cases with a case activity of Assessment will appear. If you type a specific case ID, just that case will appear.

You can display All cases at a time. In the upper left corner, click the Show drop down to view 5, 15, 20 or All cases at a time.


To view additional cases, click the navigation buttons underneath the window to page through the cases.

SLA flags

Green - Case is within SLA agreement.

Yellow - Case is getting close to reaching your SLA agreement.

Red - Case has exceeded your SLA agreement.


SLA Target Date column

If the case has a service level agreement target date, it will appear in the SLA Target Date column.


Options column

From the icons in the Options column, you can do the following for an individual case:


Need more information?

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Viewing and acknowledging correspondence