Completing the feedback activity

NABD automatically sends a feedback form to the customer. If the customer wants to provide feedback on your handling of their issue or provide any comments, NABD allows you to easily submit that customer feedback.

Feedback forms can be completed via the portal or can be captured by the agent by contacting the customer and completing the satisfaction feedback on their behalf. If the customer is not satisfied with the provided resolution, the agent will reopen the case and resubmit it to the assessment unit for reprocessing.

If no feedback is collected within reasonable time frame, the responsible agent should close the case.

Here is a sample feedback form that is sent to the customer:


To complete the feedback activity in NABD:

  1. Open your User Dashboard and select the feedback activity assigned to you.

  2. Open the case by clicking check mark in the Options column.

  3. On the Feedback page, scroll down until you reach the Feedback Satisfaction Survey box.

  4. Answer each survey question (Very Satisfied, Satisfied, or Not Satisfied).

  5. If the client accepts the resolution, select Yes. If not, select No.

  6. Type any notes in the Notes field.

  7. When you're done, click Save and close.

    If the client accepted the resolution, the case moves to the close activity.

    If the client does not accept the resolution, an agent must reopen the case and move it back to the assessment activity.